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TK Associates represents various Airline interior products around the globe. We have nearly 40 years experience in the airline industry, with our product and industry knowledge, we only support and promote products we truly believe is first class quality for our customer. TK Associates are proud to represent Mohawk - Carpets, Lonseal - Vinyl flooring, Devcolaxe – Wheelchairs and AkroFire - Cargo liner repair kits (USA supplied product).

Mohawk - Textile carpets 

Mohawk can supply both wool and 100% nylon carpets. Mohawk is the only carpet manufacturer to offer ABD0031 low smoke & toxicity carpets as standard and at no extra cost . We have a wide selection of luxurious wool and nylon carpets available in a range of designs and colours for you to choose from. 

Nylon carpets have many advantages over traditional wool carpets, including:

  • Durable, lasting up to five times longer than wool
  • Huge cost savings on labour costs for aisle carpet changes and full ship set changes
  • Offering considerable weight savings
  • Costing significantly less per m2 / SY
  • Easier to clean and maintain, which means cost saving on less frequent replacement
  • Improved anti-static properties
  • Shorter production lead times

Lonseal – Vinyl flooring

NTF (Non textile flooring) airline flooring is FAA-approved, slip-resistant, fire-retardant flooring. Featured in private and commercial aircrafts. 

Available in a wide range of designs and colours with custom colour options, NTF is the perfect flooring solution for aircraft entrance, galley and lavatory areas.

We can provide solutions to meet most major-manufacturer material specifications and F.A.A. safety standards (including F.A.R. 25.853 a and 25.793).

  • Lighter, more fuel-efficient Featherweight Collection
  • Custom coloring and patterning
  • 8ft (2.44m) material roll is the widest continuous roll available and is perfect for providing an almost seamless flooring solution to Airbus or Boeing narrow body aircraft
  • World-wide product stock for timely order shipment
  • Most products meet F.A.A. safety standards 
  • Environmentally-friendly lightweight materials
  • NTF has excellent anti-slip and anti bacterial properties
  • NTF flooring can be used on both commercial and executive / VIP aircraft
  • Also available, 6ft (1.83m) roll

Devcolaxe - lightweight wheelchairs

Travel Wheelchair – the world’s lightest on-board aircraft and train use wheelchair.

  • Very light. It is the world’s lightest aisle chair, only weighs 12 lbs. (5.5kg) and has very compact dims for stowage
  • Available in 2 width versions, 14" or 16" (35cm or 40cm)
  • Opens and closes in a few seconds
  • Can be stored in a dog house, overhead bin, wardrobe or galley insert
  • The wheelchair can also be used on RJ type a/c including ATR, CRJ, Q400 and E170-190
  • Fully meets the requirements of FAA382 DOT regulation
  • Approved or recommended by certain aircraft manufacturers
  • Minimises the risk of missing "slots" and aids turn around times
  • The PRM passenger can get to the lavatory during the flight

Many of our airline customers have told us that the biggest benefits the Travel Wheelchair (aisle Chair) brings them is the following: They are self reliant and don't have to rely on the airport authority
e.g. no problems with missing wheelchairs or “another airline using it at the moment” situations.

The 35cm version can only be used on Airbus and Boeing aircraft and the 40cm version is only suitable for Embraer E-jet aircraft.

FAA382 – EC1107/2006 Compliant


AkroFire cargo liner repair kits (USA supplied product):

Fitting can take place in less than 10 minutes, which means fast repairs and less down time. With a variety of patch size available and the option to use multiple patches which can be overlapped for more extensive damage. A speed patch option is available also with a ‘Peel & stick’. Only seconds to apply. Meets FAR 25-855. AkroFire cargo liner repair kits are used by many of the worlds leading airlines including Delta, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and RyanAir.


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